The French pastry for your event

The sweetest experience of your Wedding, Event or Party

Regardless of the occasion or goal of the event, there are several different elements that go into making an event especially memorable. The most memorable event experiences often combine a personal touch, innovation and inspiration toward the guest experience as a whole.

But whatever the event, people always remember the food.

Can you remember which events stood out for being especially tasty or creative? Which ones were particularly boring or, in the worst case, poor?

Food is one thing that always stands out in guests’ minds, whether it’s good or bad.

EAT MIMI was originated from the observation that people often have preconceived notions about what “event food” usually entails (a buffet line, the same pastries), doing something unique will stand out for your guests for giving them a different and fun experience. EAT MIMI break the code of the “event food” in enhancing your guest experience with unique and tasty “homemade” creations.

Chef Mimi has worked hard to establish a “homemade” baking process to meet catering requirements and quantity while maintaining the quality and authenticity of artisanal products.

Our values

No frozen food

Because freezing affects the taste and texture of creams, fruits and certain doughs: all our creations for your event are delivered fresh and not frozen.

The freezing process is only used on certain doughs and preparations that require it and to guarantee production in large quantities in a reasonable time.

This process is only used for ingredients that cannot be affected by freezing.

Once cooked, none of our creations are frozen to maintain the freshness, flavor and quality.

Fresh ingredients

Like many bakers, buying wholesale frozen ingredients and fruits would be an economic and time advantage for us. But how could we make you appreciate the flavor of a freshly picked raspberry?

This is why we rigorously select our ingredients every week for their freshness, quality and flavorWe also  take particular care to select organic products when possible.

Using fresh products also means that we mainly select seasonal fruits: our collections are evolving with seasons.

Premium chocolate

Using premium chocolate is expensive when you need to mass produce. It is for this reason that most of the time the chocolate of “event pastries” is not good or has no taste. Thus, all our creations are made with premium chocolate in order to guarantee taste and pleasure in every bite.

Our customers are the most addicted to our chocolate creations.

No preservative

Because we take the quality of our products and the health of your guests seriously, we do not use any preservatives in our creations. If the use of these chemical components is widespread in the world of event catering suppliers in order to extend the life of the products, their use is totally banned by Chef Mimi and her team as it goes against our quality, pleasure, exception and health values.

Our creations are to be consumed within 24 to 72 hours after delivery depending on the product.