Authentic Fresh French Pastries | Exclusively for HOSPITALITY PROS

Authentic Fresh French Pastries

Exclusively for HOSPITALITY PROS

Shipping Policy

At EAT MIMI LLC, we pour our heart into every delectable creation we bake, ensuring they reach you in impeccable condition. We understand the anticipation that surrounds the arrival of our treats, and while we do everything in our power to ensure timely delivery, there are factors outside of our control.

We cannot guarantee exact delivery times as once the package is dispatched, it’s in the hands of carriers such as USPS, UPS. These carriers usually deliver packages between 8 am-10 pm. For events or special occasions, we recommend ordering in advance and opting for an arrival 2+ days ahead. To maintain their freshness, most of our products can be frozen or refrigerated upon receipt.

Considering high package volumes or unforeseen circumstances, especially during holiday seasons, we may dispatch your order earlier to ensure its timely arrival. EAT MIMI LLC reserves the right to adjust delivery dates, either earlier or later, based on prevailing conditions to prevent potential delays.

We are not accountable for transit delays due to factors such as weather, mechanical errors, high package volume, strikes, natural disasters, or any errors arising from inaccurate shipping information. The decision to leave a package without a signature is at the sole discretion of the individual delivery personnel.

Our packages, in general, don’t necessitate a signature upon delivery. However, customers should ensure all shipping details are accurate both while placing an order and in the confirmation email. If a delivery address alteration is needed post-dispatch, a $25 processing fee will be applicable. Carriers need an additional business day for any address changes, potentially causing a delay. EAT MIMI LLC cannot be held responsible for any transit delays resulting from address modifications.

Order cancellations, returns, or refunds are not permissible once an order has been shipped or is in the fulfillment process.

We use carriers like UPS and USPS, so we are unable to deliver to P.O. Box addresses.

Limited Choice of Shipping Methods for Selected Products:

For the majority of our products, we offer a recommended shipping method designed to ensure that your items arrive in the best possible condition. However, for a select range of products, you may have the option to choose a different, typically slower and cheaper, shipping method. If you exercise this option, please understand that EAT MIMI will not be responsible for any damages or quality issues that may occur due to the longer shipping duration. By selecting a shipping method other than our recommended one for these specific products, you agree to waive any right to file a claim or complaint concerning shipping-related damages or quality degradation.

The item(s) I ordered arrived damaged. What do I do?

Did your item(s) arrive damaged? We apologize for the inconvenience!

 Kindly follow the steps below to ensure a swift resolution:

1. Reach Out: Please get in touch with our Customer Support team within 14 days of receiving your order. You can contact us via email at or through our dedicated online contact form.

2. Provide Essential Details:

    • Your EAT MIMI LLC Order Number
    • A brief description of the damage or defect
    • Pictures showcasing the damaged area
    • Two comprehensive shots of the product (both a side view and overhead view)
    • A snapshot of the packaging/box in which it arrived

3. Our Commitment: At EAT MIMI LLC, maintaining the highest standard of quality is paramount. Should anything arrive in less than perfect condition, we’re determined to address and rectify the situation promptly.

We genuinely appreciate your patience and understanding. Ensuring your utmost satisfaction is, and always will be, our prime objective!

My order is missing something or contains the wrong item(s).

Oops, we seem to have missed a beat! We’re here to help. Please follow the steps below to assist us in rectifying the situation promptly:

1. Reach Out: Notify our Customer Support team within 10 days of receiving your order. You can send us an email at or use our dedicated online contact form.

2. Provide Essential Information: Ensure to mention:

    • Your EAT MIMI LLC Order Number
    • The name of the missing or incorrect product(s)
    • Photos of the received items and their packaging. For missing products, please include photos of the items you did receive.
    • Any additional insights or details that can help us understand and resolve the situation better.

3. Our Commitment: At EAT MIMI LLC, we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch quality and service. On the rare occasion that something slips through, please know we take it seriously and will make every effort to rectify any errors as swiftly as possible.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. Your satisfaction remains our top priority!

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